April 8, 2013

No One Starts Off Being Excellent





Dear graduating students,

As you start a journey through the rest of your life and career in the beauty industry, let the above quote serve as a reminder to you. You are a beginner, so there’s no need to pretend to know everything. You have made it through the school portion of your education, but by no means does the learning stop here. Lend your time to the professionals you admire. Find yourself a mentor in the beauty industry. Look for someone you and others can respect, someone you want to be like, who is doing what you want to be doing, and ask a lot of questions. No one starts off being excellent. Do your very best and strive to be amazing, but allow yourself to make mistakes. That is how you will grow! You will never fail at anything if you never try, and trying is the most important thing. Put yourself out there and do not be afraid.

We are so proud of how far you all have come as individuals and students of beauty. Please continue to make us proud and keep in touch!


Much love,

Your Vogue College Family



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