3 Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate

Good news all you chocoholics, the rumors are true! Chocolate has, in fact, been proven to have some serious health benefits! (Hallelujah!) So you’ll no longer need to use that serious heartache as an excuse to bury your face in a box of Russell Stovers. Ah, but there is a catch! (Unfortunately…) You’ll need to […]

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Velvety Nails For Wintery Months

I’m just as sad as you are that the holiday season has come to a close, but with winter in full swing, we’re still waiting for that arctic blast to do something besides upset our allergies. Regardless of how cold it is where you are, keeping up with winter’s latest beauty trends is helpful for […]

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Jewel Tones And The Smokey Eye

Sequin dresses are all the rage this season so we’re guessing you might have one very new and very fabulous sparkling addition to your wardrobe— just a hunch, but be careful that you pair the right eye makeup with such a dazzling outfit. With all that sparkle, we don’t want you looking like you bathed […]

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3 Lipstick Shades That Will Have You Looking Fabulous For Fall

Though you couldn’t tell by the weather, one thing’s for sure, fall has arrived. As cardigans and knee-high boots get pulled out from the bottom of the closet (or in some cases, pulled off the sale rack at Macy’s on Black Friday), you may be dreaming of a way to freshen up your look, but on […]

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