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Yoga! Exercise For The Body, Mind and Soul

Throughout daily life, there are time constraints, stressors and hectic schedules that come banging down our doors! You’re busy, busy, busy, and you inevitably will start to feel the effects that come with such hard work. Though working out might be on your never-ending list of TO-DO’s, finding the motivation after long days may be […]

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Starter Tips To a Healthier, Happier You

The holidays are way over people, and it’s about that time again.You’re standing in front of the mirror, heaving and hoeing, trying to pull those skinny jeans over your newly acquired love handles (that you don’t love one bit), and wishing you could go back in time and not eat that last piece of pie. […]

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Facebook Sweepstakes – iPad Mini Giveaway!!!

Hello friends, friends of friends and complete strangers, We are so thrilled to announce the start of our very first, very awesome official Facebook Sweepstakes, and the stakes are high! All eligible participants are in it to win an Apple iPad mini (32G, wifi). Talk about a great prize! Vogue College wanted to make sure […]

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3 Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate

Good news all you chocoholics, the rumors are true! Chocolate has, in fact, been proven to have some serious health benefits! (Hallelujah!) So you’ll no longer need to use that serious heartache as an excuse to bury your face in a box of Russell Stovers. Ah, but there is a catch! (Unfortunately…) You’ll need to […]

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